CDM Host Country Approval in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  1.  Approval procedures
    The National Committee for the Mechanism of Clean Development (the “National Committee”) is the Designated National Authority (DNA) for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    The National Committee has established the following procedure for the approval or rejection of proposed CDM projects. It allows for a quick, unbureaucratic evaluation and approval of CDM project opportunities.
    •  Submission of CDM project application
      The first step in the National Committee’s CDM project approval procedure is the submission of the CDM project application to the Secretariat.
    •  Solicitation of Stakeholder Comments
      The Secretariat will review the application and verify its completeness. Afterwards, the proposed CDM project’s Project Design Document - the “PDD” - will be posted on the website of the National Committee. This allows public and private stakeholders to comment on the sustainable development impacts of the proposed CDM project.
    •  Preparation of Technical Project Evaluation Report
      Meanwhile, the Technical Project Evaluation Unit of the DNA reviews the completed application and prepares a report that evaluates the proposed CDM project according to the following criteria:
      • The CDM project’s contributions to the further sustainable development of the Kingdom;
      • The likelihood of the CDM project’s achieving CDM registration by the CDM Executive Board, including the likelihood of its satisfying the CDM’s additionality requirements; and
      • The likelihood of the CDM project’s satisfying the applicable baseline and monitoring methodologies approved by the CDM Executive Board.
        The report also includes a summary of the comments on the PDD received from public and private stakeholders, as well as a recommendation from the Technical Project Evaluation Unit to either accept or reject the proposed CDM project.
    • Voting on the Proposed CDM Project
      The National Committee votes on whether to approve or reject the proposed CDM project. Depending on the decision by the National Committee, the Chairman will either issue a Letter of Approval or a Letter of No Approval to the project proponent.
    • Requests for Review
      In case of no approval the project proponent may file a petition to the Minster of Petroleum and Mineral Resources to review such decision.

      Kingdom of Saudi Arabia National CDM Committee - Project Evaluation and Approval Cycle


  2.  How to apply for a Letter of Approval
    Project proponents applying for a Letter of Approval from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia need to submit:
    • A completed application form, which can be downloaded from here .
    • The constitutional documents of the project proponent (such as the commercial registration and bylaws);
    • The Project Design Document (PDD), as submitted for publication on the UNFCCC website;
    • A completed questionnaire that identifies the anticipated contribution of the proposed CDM project to the sustainable development of the Kingdom. The questionnaire can be downloaded from here;
    • Additional information and/or supporting documentation enabling the DNA to evaluate the project’s likelihood for satisfying the CDM’s Additionality requirements, and on its sustainable development impacts; and
    • An undertaking that all documents submitted are accurate and all statements in the application are true and correct (part of the application form).
    Further information and/or supporting documents may be requested on a case-by-case basis.