The Designated National Authority (National Committee for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM-DNA) was established by the Royal Decree Decision No. 208 on 22/06/1430 H (15/06/2009) to initiate and promote CDM projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its duties and functions were expanded in accordance with the Royal Decree Decision No. 31577 on 07/08/1435 H (05/06/2014). The Designated National Authority was given the responsibility to coordinate the preparation of nationally determined contributions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in accordance with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change agreement and future climate change agreements ratified by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  These include programs for emission avoidance which are nationally appropriate under the umbrella of the of the Kingdom’s economic diversification initiative, as well as the preparation of national communication reports, the dynamic baseline emissions of greenhouse gases, and biennial update reports to be submitted every two years to the Secretariat of the Convention.